Paramus sees crime rate drop for second straight year

By Travis Tormey on Friday, December 21, 2012

The New Jersey State police released its 2011 Uniform Crime Report last week and it appears that the crime rate in Paramus dropped for the second straight year despite the crime rate rising 3% statewide. According to the Paramus patch article entitled, “Paramus sees second consecutive drop in reported crimes, report states”, the total number of incidents in 2011 was 1,734, down from 1,853 the previous year.

“With 26,342 residents and approximately 70 officers in its police force, Paramus had 61 violent crimes which were split between 36 aggravated assaults, 22 robberies and three rapes. The majority if its reported incidents were of a non-violent nature (1,673) as the borough had 1,553 reported thefts last year. Also reported were 89 burglaries, 31 stolen vehicles and three arsons.”

Most of those “thefts” are shoplifting offenses committed at the several Paramus malls. Overall, there were 217,073 reported crimes in New Jersey in 2011.


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