Eighteen people arrested on drug, weapons charges in Englewood and nearby towns

By Travis Tormey on Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A three-month investigation by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and Englewood police resulted in 16 people being arrested for drug, weapons, and other charges. Two people remain at large. The investigation was launched in response to a rise in violent crime in the area including two drive-by-shootings and drug related home invasions.

According to the Bergen Record Article:

“Police were also getting reports of illegal high-stakes card games raided by gunmen stealing the pot or players’ winnings. Gunshots were reported in housing complexes near the police station.

‘It was such a significant increase,’ O’Keefe said ‘You had people shooting at each other in the street. You don’t want the Wild West in Englewood.’

Englewood police turned to the prosecutor’s office for help, and numerous detectives were assigned to the investigation, which began in July.

‘The criminal activity that has plagued this community has been steadily increasing, which ultimately inspired this police response,’ County Prosecutor John Molinelli said in a news release.”

For additional information, see the Bergen Record article entitled “Three-month sweep nets 18 on drug, weapons charges in Englewood, nearby towns”.


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